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Sports are an important part of who we are as a world. Every single country in the world has sports as part of their culture whether it is played professionally or not. Sport is here to stay and can be found in ancient texts and drawings of kings, Greek Gods and pharaohs so it is part of our human nature. It is a language that everyone is the world understands and is not discriminated by gender, sex or religion. Anyone can play a sport that they love and are passionate about. They are not limited in anyway. They used to be entertained and enjoyed.

Sport is played by kids in a back yard, by adults as exercise or by athletes who want to compete against each other to determine the best of the best. Countries use sport to maintain good relationships between them. Friendly competitions or serious title holding matches are enjoyed by millions all over the world every single day. Sport is an important to a community as working to maintain the economy or teaching skills to everyday people.


Sport is featured everywhere and in everything. It is in magazines, on the TV, in books, at stadiums etc. its ingrained in every part of society and influences the design of clothes and cars. It shapes what people eat and what life they want to live.

Like everything else in society, sport is managed by rules and regulations. This is done to ensure the competitions are fair and they the winner can be chosen without any influence. Winners can be chosen by scoring goals or crossing a line in first place. There are different categories that can be used to determine a winner. Judges can also be used where they will give a score according to criteria and if the judges agree, a winner can be chosen.

All records of sports competitions are kept for public knowledge. More popular sports are announces on news channels or sports channels to keep the world up to date on what happened at the competitions. Most competitions are competed repetitively so anyone can contest the championship the next time the competition is on. Winners can defend their titles as well if they choose to do so. If records are made and broken, that information is also recorded and kept.

More than anything sport gives millions of non-participants hours of joy and entertainment. Sport games usually draw large crowds of people and broadcasting through TVs allows many people to enjoy sports around the world. Sports are loved by millions of people.

Some people try to bet on the outcome of the competition which is known as sports betting. In recent years that had to be regulated due to how popular sports’ betting is. If the odds against a certain team are high and that team wins, the person betting can win a lot of money.

One of the most important elements of sports is having good sportsmanship. No game can be played unless the players game this ethic because then the game is played for the love of it. In sports there will always be a winner but there will also always be a loser. How someone’s loses shows their character and this is why sportsmanship is important. Having that respect for the game as well as all the players involved.

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