Age in sports

Any person at any age can play any sport. There is no age limits when it comes to enjoying a game. In terms of the professional world of sport, age can be factor. As players get older, it may affect the performance in terms of their sport. It is not always the case and some players play well past the expected age in a sport and still perform better than any other person however there are certain things that need to be considered when it comes to age.


A young person at the age of 14 who shows talent at that early age will not be able to enter into a competition against players in their peak physical form at the age of 21. For example, in the game of rugby, it will not be fair to the 14 who could possibility get quiet injured in the game. In these cases, the players of the same age groups will then play against each other.

What a person can and can’t do is often limited by the mind-set of that person and anyone can do anything at any age. There is a great quote that goes “We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” People who have physical disabilities and play sports, find a way to make to work for them therefore age should no different.

The body mass and low body fat percentage in young adults and late teenagers provides for a good body to strength ratio. Sports that are speed and agility orientated require the player to have a great coordination and a lot of strength as their own body weight offers the resistance to keep in great shape. Important factors are motor skills, hand eye coordination and speed. Success will be dependent on the rate at will force is developed and the people gets older and stronger. At the peak of a person’s power, years of training, skill and technique as well as resistance training is required and this needs to shadow the sport movement and development of strength.

Their training program is very important but the another factor is the physiological changes that may have be favourable to the younger athlete through their life. If a constant and solid training program is maintained they may be able to reach their optimal capacity earlier. This usually happens between the ages of 14 to 25.

Sports that allow an athlete to only focus on themselves are more likely to allow older players to continue on their journey. For example, people who run. Running is an individual sport that does not require a team effort. There is no one relying on the runner to perform in a way where their age may affect the performance. If there athlete was on a rugby team, the older the person gets, the more withered they become and age may affect the performance of the player which could affect the performance of the team. Again, these are exception to the rule and some players who are older still perform very well on the field.