Amateur vs Professional Athletes

It’s easy to recognise someone who has true raw talent and a sport and to build on that talent into them becoming a professional athlete. When someone wants to become a professional athlete its usually because they have a desire and a dream that needs to be followed and fulfilled. However being in that life is not all glamour. There are many hours of hard work and training that go into that dream. More than anything the intense competitions are not for the faint hearted. Life will have to live on the road and the demands of constantly practicing may take joy out of the sport.
Professional and amateur athletes do have some things that are shared or in common with each other. They have passion for the sport and skills but the main difference is that for professional’s athletes their performance in the sport can make or break their careers.


The biggest and most important difference in amateur and professional sports is that fact that one gets paid and the other does not. Some professional athletes are not millionaires but they will receive compensation for playing the sport. Amateurs don’t receive any money for playing but may receive certain perks such as team gear or sponsored game dinners. Most amateurs just play for the love of the game.

Amateur sports is defined as a high school/college athletics team who plays the game or perform their sport for the school/college. Professional sports are sports in which the players are contracted by the owners to provide a service. The service will be in the form of the sport they are professional in. For example, a soccer player is contracted to a soccer club/team such as Manchester United. They are obligated to perform for that team and receive a pay out in the form of a salary.

Amateurs have the luxury of enjoying the game at their own pace. They are able to get together with friends on the weekend or after work at scheduled dates and times. Enjoy a game, win or lose, it’s all for the fun of it. They can join clubs and compete against each other whereas professionals need to ensure they are constantly training, building themselves and learning new things or moves all the time. This may mean many days away from home during holidays or birthdays. A pro athlete’s full-time job is to be constantly doing this all the time as they need to compete to make money in order to pay their bills.

Professional athletes’ training their minds and bodies every single day as they need to be in peak condition at all times. The risk of injury is quite high with a professional athlete and in order to ensure their bodies are taken care of; they exercise and eat right all the time. If they do get injured they need to be treated immediately to allow their bodies to start recovery. This is to ensure they can start playing the sport as soon as their recovery allows and at the best physically that they are able to perform.

Playing any sport comes with its own list of risks. Anyone can get quite seriously injured with broken bones, concussions and other types of injuries. For a pro athlete, this can mean very expensive medical bills and many hours in recovery which takes them away from their program and the sport. This can mean, at times, that their career will be over if they are unable to recover from the injury.