History of Sports

Sport games have been around for centuries. Indications have supported the suggestions that sport existed in China as early as 2000 BC. In ancient Egypt games, like swimming; fishing; javelin throwing; high jump; and wrestling, were a part of their society. They were regulated and well-developed. Persian sports were more violent in nature and was rather close in connection with the traditional Iranian martial arts of Zourkhaneh. Other sports that originated in ancient Persia are jousting and polo.

History2Ancient Greece

When the time of Ancient Greece and the military culture came about sports development in the country of Greece influenced each other greatly as a result, there was a wide range of sports established. In the military culture, training meant they had to prove themselves fit and useful for army requirements. Games were used to determine the best and they were chosen to serve and fight for the power in command. Team sports had most probably been developed to train and prove the capability to fight and work together as a team. Greeks love their sport so much that it became such a prominent part of their culture. The Greeks then created the Olympic Games which were held in a small village called Peloponnesus called Olympia every four years.

Modern Day

Nothing has changed from Ancient Greek times to today in terms of the love of sport. Sports have now become more organised and more regulated including in the Olympics of history up to the present century. People have become more involved in sports and during their leisure time, they attend sports gathering and follow spectator sports and participate in athletic activities. With the beginning of global communication and mass media, the trends continued through the world.

These trends continued with the beginning of mass media and global communication. Professionalism became important which further added to the increase in sport’s popularity, as sports fans followed the adventures of professional athletes. People also enjoyed the competition and exercise accompanying amateur sports participation.

It has been claimed that sports team which are what we know them as of today are supposedly an invention of Western culture. The traditional sports teams are seen as jumping from Europe, primarily England through its British Empire. European colonialism ensure the games were introduced across the world. Particularly the game of cricket, bowling in a number of forms, football of various sorts, cue sports like pool, hockey, tennis and other winter sports. The Olympic Games also helped with the standardization in particularly European directions when rules for similar games around the world were merged.

Motorized sports. such as water sports; racing; motorcycles, have appeared since the beginning of the modern age. Electronic sports are a more recent development. This comes as video games or online games. These games have a massive fan base and are enjoyed by millions all over the world. This is a growing culture and is embraced and played by millions. These sports are not in the Olympic games as they feel that motorised sports do no fall within the spirit of the games however they have their own tournament with titles and prize money.