Marketing and Advertising of sports

Marketing and advertising plays an important part of sporting events and sport events allow marketing and advertising to penetrate the massive market all at once. They fit hand in glove with one another. The popularity and size of sports has grown over the years and the sports marketing field has grown with it.


The use of the marketing and advertising in the sports field helps to sell goods and service to the public. Marketing and advertising sponsors many of events, especially the major events, to ensure their names are displayed, spoken about and promoted throughout the event. The marketing style is about using the event and its content of the sport to assist in the marking efforts than to worry about a single strategy.

Sports can be enjoyed in many many different ways and as a result, the marking can also be done on the variety of platforms. A team can sell advertising space inside the stadium to the different advertising or marketing agencies. They usually purchase billboards and some other prints and can also buy airtime on TV networks during events. These are considered prime time spots and can be very expensive.

Famous athletes and famous team’s images are also used for which they sign contracts as celebrity endorsers. It allows marketers to be associated with the celebrity who have many devoted fans. The fans then associate the brand with creditability. Most of the time the revenue from the sales and the publicity created goes to support the team. The marketer invests in the team’s success.

Marketing and advertising can come in all shapes and sizes, billboard and TV ads are the big money spenders but other companies may rather look at perhaps labelling cups, or small ads in a bathroom stall or put an ad on the radio. These are also effective when people are in and around game time.

The kind of event and the type of marketing that is promoted needs to be in harmony with each other. A company that advertises men’s face cream would not do well at a figure skating event as the spectators are mainly female. Products that will appeal to the men like trucks, snack foods and beer are marketed greatly during sporting events for this reason.

Brand marketing is so important for a company. A team of creative professionals will work on developing ads whether they are TV spots, billboards, or radio ads. Research findings should determine the goals of the advertisements, but ad makers will develop the content that they think can best speak to the target audience. They will use team colours, slogans, and sports imagery to create a link between the product and the sport.

Once the ad campaign begins, the company will need to evaluate how effective it is by following the impact on sales and social media. If their targets are not met with the current marking plan set out they can then adjust the campaign or abandon it.

The only major disadvantage is that the sports marketing industry is so large that it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. There are so many teams with so many sponsor that all the advertising intended to draw a spectator in, tends to make them despondent as they maybe more interested in the game. If the advertising is effective, it can linger in the minds of people for years, if not it could have just been a waste of time and money for that company. All marketing efforts must be guided by a comprehensive marketing plan if they hope to succeed.