Motorised Sports/Electronic Sports

Sports can come in many shapes and sizes and in recent years, the sporting world has moved with the times and allowed people to play sports motorized or electronically. This form of sporting has become extremely popular in the world today and has a great fan base. People have become professional sports persons in the respective fields and therefore participate in competitions with prize money, titles and championships. The popularity of this version of sports has grown in recent years greatly.

Motorised sports can be defined as sport that involves or require motorised assistance for the player to compete. Examples of this are Motor sport racing or motorised water sports. This is a more modern way to compete however does not take away from the passion and joy of competing on a professional level. People still practice and train for their chosen field and take it very seriously.

Motorised2Motorised sports

Motorized vehicles are used in Motorsport or motorsports events. This is a group of events that can take place for either racing or non-racing purposes. MotoSport also includes motorcycle racing that could mean off-road racing where is referred to as motocross. Another great example is Formula One racing which means the class of the race is a single seat closed course grand prix race. The formula refers to a set of rules that govern the vehicle power, the weight and the size.

Motor boats, power boating and water motorsports are classified as Motorsied sports. Water sports were allowed to compete as a demonstration sport in the Olympics 1908. In the event a number of boats started but one boat finished. This is due gale force winds that were blowing during the competition. Thereafter water motorised sports were not seem as fit for the Olympics and were taken out accordingly.

Electronic Sports

Electronic sports also known as esports, e-sports, competitive (video) gaming, professional (video) gaming, or pro-gaming) can be defined as where the game player is in the form of a video game that can be played on a computer or TV. eSports are usually a competition for professional video game players. The genres which are most commonly associated are multiplayer online battle arena games, fighting games, real-time strategy games and first-person shooter games.

Online gaming is so popular in the world that in 2013 approximately 71,500,000 people watched the competitive gaming competitions. Due to how easily accessible and available online streaming media platforms are; it has become a core element to the promotion and growth of eSports competitions. Millions of people across the world regardless of age, gender or race are involved in the online gaming competitions by either watching or taking part.

Esports don’t only need to be competitive; any person can enjoy these games in the comfort of their own home. With games like WII, where the person can virtually get up and use the remote controls to play in the game. The games that are popular are bowling, skiing, tennis, ping pong and many more.