Sport Coaches

A sport coach is just as important and any player on a team. They have the hard task of training every player on the team, shaping and moulding potential in the very best it can be and ensuring the entire team works as one unit. Coaches have a depth of knowledge at their fingertips that they use to coach a team to victory. A coach is nothing without his team and a team is nothing without their coach.

John Madden is one of the coaches who fit in the category of best coaches of all time. In his time as coach of ten seasons, the Raiders, he managed to finish with a records of 103–32–7 and with no losing seasons. He also had a Super Bowl victory in 1977. He was deemed an Oakland Icon as he was the youngest coach to ever reach 100 career victories.


Bobby Cox makes it into some of the best coaches in the world. Cox has led his Braves to a division title in every season. He also won manager of the year four times and is the only person to win these awards consecutively. He did win the World Series in 1995.

Bill Bowerman who is a respected figure at the University of Oregon. Bowerman is the co-founder of
Nike and a track-and-field visionary. His record is that he trained 51 All-Americans, 31 Olympic athletes, 12 American record-holders, 16 under-four-minute milers and 24 NCAA champions. He coached the Ducks for 24 years and his team had one losing season only. As a team they earned four NCAA titles and managed to finish top 10 in the nation a record of 16 times.

Real Madrid’s current head coach has the proof that his numbers will continue to touch greatness. 394-109-65 are his figures. The reason why Jose Mourinho has been carved into the history books is because if their unbeaten strike of 150 home league matches without losing. 38 with Porto, 60 with Chelsea, 38 with Internazionale and 14 with Real Madrid.

Manchester United’s Alex Ferguson is the most loved man in Britain and remains the coach with the longest tenure which continues to build prestigious reign of 30 titles both domestic and international. He tries to ensure this program is fair and disciplined. He ensures that the mentality in the team is team first always. He has 1 217 wins and 402 losses.

John McGraw was the manager of the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Giants and has 33 seasons under his belt. He has managed 2 763 wins, ten National League pennants and 3 World Series championships.

Casey Stengel is loved by New Yorkers for this time as Yankees (1949-60) and Mets (1962-65) skipper. The “Old Perfessor” has won seven championships as the manager and managed to finish with 1 905 wins.

Joe Girardi as the coach of the New York Yankees baseball team. They won their 27th World Series championship title. Girardi won more than 500 games as the manager and his belief and how he coaches players on when to listen to their guts and abandon the plan.