Sport Teams

Working in a team towards a common objective is very challenging as each game will have their own set of rules for the players to follow. Each player will have to work together and focus on the goals at hand. An individual sportsperson has only themselves to worry about as the reasonability of the sport begins and ends with them.


A sports team is defined as any two or more players who work towards the same common objective. The team sport that is played is the activity in which the sports persons play by being organised into opposing team and compete against each other to win. Some examples of types of sports teams are handball, basketball, water polo, volleyball, cricket, lacrosse, baseball, football and hockey. Practice between sports teams against opposing teams is quiet common. This is where the players interact simultaneously and directly between them to achieve an objective. The objective of this is to involve teammates to play with the ball or object in order to score points.

Other types of games that have been created is not where teammates are playing with an object or ball but rather compete in a race fashion to be first from all the teams. Some of these examples are rowing, swimming, sailing, track, field and dragon boat racing among others.

There are many different types of sports that are in the world. Another version of sports is where the participants are entered by a team but they will have to compete against each other instead of competing against just an opponent. They would need to compete for points for a championship. The examples here are motorsport and cycling. However in cycling the team members whilst still in competition with each other, they will also work assisting one. This person is usually the specialist and the member of the team to the highest likely finishing position.


Cricket is a great example of a team sport that requires all members of the team to function harmoniously. This game is called a bat and ball game that is played between two teams of 11 players each. This game is played on an open field. This game has a record of being played by by 120 million players in countries across the globe. This makes it the world’s second most popular sport. On the field, each opposing team takes its turn to field and to bat. The purpose of the game is to score the highest number of runs as possible while the teams that is batting is on the field and the team that is fielding will need to try and bowl the batsman out with bowling and fielding trying to get them the least amount of rune. This is known as an innings.

The bowler will attempt to deliver the ball to the batsman by bowling in different ways while the batsman will try to hit the ball away from the bowler and fieldsmen. This is so he can make a run safely between the wickets to score points. The batsman continues batting until bowled or caught out by the opposite team. The batting team will continue to bat until all ten batsmen are bowled out or run out. When a number of overs of six balls each have been bowled the teams will then switch roles and the fielding team comes in to bat.

Cricket is a mass team effort sport and everyone needs to be focused and together when on the field. They need to know where their team mates are and what they are doing in order to ensure a successful game.