Sports in the Olympics

The Olympics were invented for sports where countries could represent their best players to battle out against it each other for the win and to be given the title of a champion.

The Olympic Games in a modern sense is one of the greatest and biggest international sporting event in the world which includes summer and winter sports. Thousands of hopeful athletes from around the world compete in the variety of competitions during the event. The Olympic Games is considered the leading sports competition in the world with over 200 nations taking part.


The Olympic development form the 20th and 21st centuries have caused several changes to the Olympic Games. Some of these changes include the formation of the Winter Olympic Games specifically for winter sports and ice sports, the Paralympic Games was also created for athletes with a disabilities and finally the Youth Olympic Games for youth athletes. The IOC had to also factor in other advancements like political, technological and economic.

National Olympic Committees, organizing committees for Olympic Game and International sports federations are what make up the Olympic movement. The IOC has responsibility of choosing the host city for each of the Games as well as organizing and sorting out the funds for the Games conferring with the Olympic Charter. Further, the IOC also regulates the program for the Olympics which consists the sports that will be challenged at the Games. The several traditions that need to be followed and symbols that need to be used in the games are also important. These include the Olympic flag and the Olympic torch, which also includes the opening and the closing ceremonies. More than 13 000 athletes participate at the Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games in over 33 sports and almost 400 games. The winners who are placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd will each receive Olympic medals. These are gold for 1st, silver for 2nd, and bronze for 3rd. Almost all nations are now represented at the games.

The program at the Olympic Games has 35 sports in it, with 30 disciplines and in almost 400 games. At the Summer Olympics, 26 sports are competed whereas the Winter Olympics only has 15 sports programs. Swimming, athletics, artistic gymnastics and fencing are the summer sports that have always been included in the Olympic program. Figure skating, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, ski jumping, speed skating and Nordic combined have been performed at every Winter Olympics program. Olympic sports like basketball, volleyball and badminton was first introduced on the program as demonstration sports but later were included to full Olympic sports.

There are very few sports that are not in the Olympics such as cricket, which is originally included but due to a lack of entrants in 1896, the game was excluded. Squash has never been included in the
Olympics but is busy campaigning to have it included for the future. Bowling was allowed to participate as a demonstration sport in 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics but did not make the cut. Chess how never been in the Olympics and there is no indication that it will be. Mixed Martial Arts is a controversial sport which comes across as violent which goes against the Olympic emphasis on safety.