Sports Managers

A sports manager is someone that is hired to assist a team or an individual with all day to day running’s off the field. They have plenty of responsivities that ensure the lives of the athletes are made easier so they can focus on winning. They handle all the business and organisation side of the sport for them. The manager will make sure their client gets the proper attention and the proper training to make them competitive and relevant at all times.

Depending on the type if client, the duties of a sports manager, may range far and wide. The responsibility may spread to the physical health and mental state of their athlete. This would mean they would have to ensure the right trainers are hired and settling any kind of disputes between team mates. The manager is labelled as the spokesperson for the athlete and is in charge of making sure all their needs are always met. They need to ensure their client is in a great position and will be successful at all times. Working with the media is important as keeping the image of the athlete is very necessary. Their lives need to be organised well and they are getting whatever recognition they have worked for.

Managers2Manager Duties

The manager or a team vs an individual require very different management skills. If the manager has to manage an entire organisation, they have to ensure they have a great network to tap into at any time. Everything needs to be a well-oiled machine. Any conflicts that happen in the organisation need to be dealt with and they are responsible for overseeing the workings of the organisation. Some important factors that will need the manager’s attention are things like working as a go between the owners and the players, as well as working with the marketing division to give the team a good image for the public and keeping the right equilibrium of employees.

Manager Requirements

Sports managers can have a degree that can assist them with the job at hand. The degree can be marketing, law or business. Sports manages usually start at the bottom and work their way up learning as they go along but one of the most important things that is needed is experience. This is why former athlete’s become managers after their career in the sports world is over. They know what is needed and have first-hand experience in it. Becoming a sports manager is not for the faint hearted and any sports manager has a special set of skills to assist with this kind of job. Skills such as the ability to communicate and negotiate.

Most sport managers focus on one specific sport and specialise in the sport to ensure their client is always receiving the best of everything that they would need to perform. They ensure they know everything that needs to be known regarding the sport, history and where their client fits into. There are hundreds of sports men and woman who have managers to help them through their everyday life. Most manages only have one or two clients or a team to manage and work through an agency in order to give their client as much attention as possible.