Sports networks

Sport is such a lucrative market that has a massive following around the world there are many different sport networks dedicated to sports. Sport is so important to people around the world that it forms part of new bulletins and needs to be discussed everyday on TV, radio, social media platforms and through word of mouth.

There are so many sports networks available in the world either internationally or locally and they are all focused on one thing, it delivers the news of sport to the entire world. These channels are so lucrative because they all have subscriber fees included in the monthly premium that is paid for via satellite TV. Some of the most popular sport networks on TV are ESPN, NFL, FOX Sports, ESPN 2, Sec Network, Golf Channel, NBC Sports, Big Ten Network, MLB Network and FS2.


ESPN – Entertainment and Sports Programming Network broadcasts in over 200 countries across the world. It is one of the biggest and most successful sport broadcasting networks in the world. It owns shares in a few other sport networks which just touch as many people as possible. They cover a wide variety of sports across the world. ESPN is maninly owned by the Walt Disney Company.
NFL Network – National Football League Network is owned by the National Football League. This network is mainly focused on football related content. Football is a great American past time and therefore has many followers on the sport.

Fox Sports is the trademark name for a quiet a few broadcast divisions, sports channels and programming around the globe. These companies are controlled or owned by the family of Rupert Murdoch. 21st Century Fox holds Fox Sports mainly. .

EPSN 2 and Sec Network is also owned and managed by EPSN, The Walt Disney Company. The content of ESPN 2 was aimed at the younger generation of sports fans and Sec Network was aimed at college games.

Most of the big networks like ESPN also own radio stations which are also most popular around. Their content is also quite similar to that of their sister TV networks so people tune in when they driving in their cars or can’t get near a TV.

Most popular social network platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instgram, Pintrest. Facebook is the biggest social network site in the world and anyone on social media has an account. The amount of information passed through Facebook in massive and getting kind of sport information on here just increases the spread of popularity the player or team has. Twitter is just as huge as
Facebook and the same kind of information and publicity can be gained through here. Youtube has the most popular outlet for any video content that can get accessed. Greatest goals of all time or missed game highlights – they are all available for people to view. Pintrest and Instagram are more based of photographic content and are not as free as the other sites discrined.

The concern with social media is that all information discussed is not controlled and everything put on the sites can be negative or positive or even factual or untrue. The difference with News and sport networks are they need to objective and factual at all times. The content is more controlled.